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Perl >> Form Processing Scripts

@FeedBackVisit Site
Description - A simple formmail script with headers and footers for style customization. It checks email validity and includes autoreply and message print features.

Rating - 9.35/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error

Ascad Form ProcessorVisit Site
Description - This powerful script does not need to be set up and writes the info on a list file in less than a second.

Rating - 9.19/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error

Description - Easy to install script that handles an unlimited number of forms. Configured via the html form: direct data to e-mail and/or file, enforce data entry, autorespond with custom message for each form, redirects based on result of scripts validation. Very flexible.

Rating - 9.49/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error

CSVwriteVisit Site
Description - Send information to a database from a webform. It is simple to set up and customize the style. Two versions available with advanced options for sending a copy of the data to the webmaster and three types of required fields. The data is stored as a CSV database.

Rating - 9.70/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error

ennyFormsVisit Site
Description - ennyForms is a unique forms handler that uses modules to expand its capabilities and is easy to set up for very large or small forms. Includes previews, required fields, hidden fields, field hiding OR scrambling for on-line orders, mailed field order sorting, various auto response options, reference numbering, several data base saving options, email list saving, input size checking, and more.

Rating - 9.58/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error

Formmail file attachmentVisit Site
Description - This is a formmail script with file upload to send email via the internet to whom you specify. The script is written in Perl and has a few advantages over other form to email scripts: it is totally platform independant, the formmail has the following features:Unlimited form fields - Can handle any number of HTML fields, Multiple recipient support - Have the feedback email sent to any number of different recipients! Form completion checking - Automatically checks the submitted form to make sure all required fields are filled in. Form completion checking - Automatically checks the submitted form to make sure all required fields are filled in. File upload ability - Allow users to upload files within the form and then choose to either have them saved on the server or MIME encoded and attached to the email.GPG/PGP encryption support - supports server side encryption using either GPG or PGP.

Rating - 8.67/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-25 | Report Error

GMFormMailVisit Site
Description - Can import all contact information, 10 user defined fields, 10 custom fields, 10 profiles with all addditional profile data, (including email and internet address), launch up to 3 tracks, user notification of new and duplicate messages. Now you can use one script for both regular form processing and GoldMine Web imports. Options include writing to database, sending courtesy email, requiring fields, excluding certain fields from being emailed and more.

Rating - 9.18/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error mailerVisit Site
Description - This formmailer can do whatever you want! You can create new form actions, which allows you to do all sort of forms (9 formular tempates included). You can edit mail templates, html templates, work with multiple attachements and gzip folder packing, even allow to attach files. Whats more there is a mail database and a standard newsletter function. You can also check if the mail entered is valid via checkcodes, do ip/email banning. Youve got the possibility to store and sort and work with pre-defined files,.... Just try it out!

Rating - 8.83/10 | Last Updated - 2008-08-29 | Report Error

SoupermailVisit Site
Description - Soupermail is a very generic form handler that can support file upload, file download, PGP/GPG, user templates, saving the forms content, multiple recipients, required and ignored fields, cookies, PDF generation, user defined MIME returns, pipelining requests and much more.

Rating - 9.44/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-09 | Report Error

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