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PHP >> Polls Scripts

Amazing Little PollVisit Site
Description - The Amazing Little Poll v1.3 is a very simple php Poll application. It uses a flat file to store voting scores. Its very easy to set up, and easy to customize. It uses cookies to prevent multiple votes and features the total number of votes to be shown.

Rating - 3.47/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

Amazing Little PollVisit Site
Description - The amazing little poll is a popular and simple no-fuss voting script which uses a flat text file for keeping the voting scores.

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-11-30 | Report Error

Chipmunk PollVisit Site
Description - Chipmunk poll is a simple poll and admin.Version 2.3 lets you create, edit, and delete choices and polls. This is not a multiple poll setup, you may only have 1 poll going at a time. Features an easy to use Admin panel. Mysql required.

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-16 | Report Error

Fusion PollVisit Site
Description - Fusion Poll is well, a Poll sytem that allows your visitors to Vote. It was made with the regular web user in mind - Simple, Easy, and all flatfile, with less headaches for you. 100% original and made for you!

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-17 | Report Error

PHP SurveyorVisit Site
Description - PHP Surveyor is a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys, publish surveys and collect responses to surveys.

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-17 | Report Error

PHPLite PollVisit Site
Description - Phplite Poll 1.0 is an easy to use script that allows you to create and manage polls, and get that all important feedback from your users.

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

RepleteSurveyVisit Site
Description - RepleteSurveys gives you the ability to create surveys with many questions, record survey responses automatically in a MySQL database, and view the results Graphically. Features include: * Surveys can be self-contained webpages, or? * Easily include your surveys in existing webpages by cut&paste of the survey HTML. * Graphical display of survey responses / results in a self-contained webpage. * Email your survey to a list of email addresses. * Create and maintain many surveys at once. * Rearrange, Add, and Delete survey questions. * Preview * Survey code generator in HTML * Let your participants view the results of the survey

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-11 | Report Error

Simple PollVisit Site
Description - Simple Poll employs a simple to use admin interface and template customizations for your poll so that you can easily adapt to the look and feel of your web site. Setup as many polls as you like.

Rating - 3.47/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-17 | Report Error

SMe PollVisit Site
Description - SMe Poll is a voting system for your web site , Display the results in a graphical mode, and more, admin area for customize settings very simple to use and install.

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-17 | Report Error

SymPollVisit Site
Description - Sympoll is a customizable voting booth system written in PHP. It currently requires access to a MySQL database. Polls can be embedded into a PHP or SHTML webpage, and any number of polls can concurrently exist.

Rating - 3.67/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

Xtreme PollVisit Site
Description - Xtreme Poll is a web-based voting package that requires PHP and MySQL. Xtreme Polls is a popular voting PHP script for websites. The script will count votes and display the overall results. Multiple databases supported. Takes only one vote from each person each day.

Rating - 3.26/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-17 | Report Error

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