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PHP >> E-Commerce Scripts

Centipaid MicropaymentVisit Site
Description - The module allows administrators of sites using PHP to charge their users nominal fees to access certain sections of their site. It allows for grouping of modules with a zone with its own rates and duration. It supports unlimited zones and modules. The module plugs into most PHP applications.

Rating - 8.14/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

cpCommerceVisit Site
Description - cpCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution that is maintained by templates and modules. This E-commerce Script combines many utilities found in other free e-commerce scripts, except I allow you to completely customize the entire design by editing five files. This is due to the script being built using modules and templates. A module is a section of code that can be called into a pre-existing design/application to provide flexibility to define where certain features should be displayed. cpCommerce also was built to be template oriented.

Rating - 8.28/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

CubeCartVisit Site
Description - Shopping cart system designed for small to medium businesses. Easy integration with 2Checkout, PayPal, NOCHEX, WorldPay and Authorize.Net. Categories supporting up to ten subcategories. Easy installation script and customisation within the admin area. Includes customer, sales, and hits statistics.

Rating - 7.40/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

EchoCartVisit Site
Description - ECHOcart is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable storefront for your web site. Based on the PHP language, backed with a blisteringly fast MySQL back-end database, ECHOcart is the ideal solution for all medium-to-large sites.

Rating - 6.97/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

EchoPayFormVisit Site
Description - Accept Credit Cards and Checks with this online payment processing order form - Just Include ECHO PAYFORM in your secure website and youre ready to go! ECHO ( merchant account required.

Rating - 6.84/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

ExoPHPDeskVisit Site
Description - Allows companies to interact with their customers with easy to use interface, consists of Administrators, Staff and Members Area. Lot of features makes it the leading Free PHP HelpDesk.

Rating - 5.39/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

I-StoreVisit Site
Description - Its a new Open Source e-business system. The software consists of PHP scripts for Web interface, an C++ program (written with C++ Builder Pro) to manage the Internet shop, an C++ database management program, and an C++ program for processing the orders. Main features include: Secure Internet payment, New product list, Allows up to 30 shopping baskets for each registered customers, Advertising for promoting products, Search products by name, Customers can see their last 10 orders, Password protection for the registered customers, Delivery and payment address, Price in local currency and Euro, and more. I-Store uses an PostgreSQL database on backend for data handling.

Rating - 6.98/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Pay Gateway PHP LibraryVisit Site
Description - The Pay Gateway PHP library is a collection of PHP files for doing secure credit card transactions on a Windows or Unix system.

Rating - 4.81/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

PayPal Payment GatewayVisit Site
Description - Paypay Payment Gateway is a script that help you to run a shopping cart. It allows you to interact with paypal credit card processor in order to checkout your customers orders.

Rating - 7.34/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

PayPro CartVisit Site
Description - This cart system includes a fully functional administration system and payment processing for all payment gateways.

Rating - 4.76/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

PHP Payment ProcessorVisit Site
Description - How would you like to own your very own payment processing website and business built with security minded programming? It doesn't take a genius to figure out this type of website is a sound business investment. A peer to peer payment system like this one will build a good customer base quickly The Software that allows upi to own and operate your very own SolarPay, PayPal, StormPay type of website and you make a percentage of each transaction that takes place on your site. This script is software that is very much like and This Script has many of the functions that and have, and is designed to make its owner money.

Rating - 6.70/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-15 | Report Error

phpShop for MamboVisit Site
Description - phpShop for Mambo Open Source is an open source e.commerce solution. You can now use phpShop within your own portal together with much other components and modules like forums, faq, guestbooks, galleries and so on, which are available for Mambo Open Source (mostly for free). Even if you think that you dont need such a portal and a big CMS - you are more flexible with it. Change the look and feel of your site by using the Mambo Templates, which use CSS and X/HTML.

Rating - 6.81/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

ShopCMS PayPal Shopping CartVisit Site
Description - ShopCMS is an advanced paypal shopping cart, catalog manager and CMS. It supports full paypal shopping cart integration, customizable templates, runs on the mySQL database, has parent and subcategories with multi-level navigation controls, works with mod_perl, php version available, and much more.

Rating - 4.28/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

Shopping CartVisit Site
Description - This product will allow you to integrate a shopping cart experience into your web site. My goal was to create a cart that is easy to use and fully customizable in almost any PHP site.

Rating - 6.11/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

shopping cartVisit Site
Description - This is a modified version of Web Hosting Canada.ORGs sign-up form. Originally written by Louai Munajim. Illustrates how to interface with PaySystems and PayPal.

Rating - 4.44/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-07 | Report Error

TC Link Credit Card ProcessingVisit Site
Description - TCLink is an LGPLd thin client API which can run credit card transactions over TCP/IP. A similar package is Red Hats ccvs, however, it requires that you use a modem or leased line. With TCLink you can run credit card transactions directly over the Internet.

Rating - 7.88/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

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