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PHP >> Database Related Scripts

AnyDBVisit Site
Description - This abstract wrapper class provides easy and simple class methods to access the most important db function. Classes implementing the functionality for native PHP functions, PEAR, PHPLIB and METABASE enables you to switch between these db abstraction layers by changing only a single line of code. Now you are able to use a unifed abstraction layer for database access and switch between the underlaying layers.

Rating - 9.02/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

cleverSQLVisit Site
Description - We present you for free a small but still powerfull script that will help you to administrate you remote databases quick and easy!

Rating - 8.89/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

DaDaBikVisit Site
Description - DaDaBIK is a free PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable Web form interface for a MySQL database in order to search, insert, update and delete records; all you need do is specify a few configuration parameters.

Rating - 8.80/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

DebedooVisit Site
Description - It is a package (set of classes) that automatically scans the database table structure and makes the content of the tables editable. Additional hints can be given by the coder about field information.

Rating - 9.29/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

ibWebAdminVisit Site
Description - ibWebAdmin is a web frontend for the InterBase and Firebird database server. It makes the attempt to support all features which InterBase and SQL are offering. Even if this goal is unattainable, quite a few steps have already been done. By now ibWebAdmin has the basic functions for creating, deleting, modifying databases, tables, generators, triggers and domains. It lets you import, export, enter, edit, delete, query, browse your data. And some more...

Rating - 10.00/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

PHP DB Admin ControlVisit Site
Description - This is a small web based database administration code using PHP 4+ and mySQL database. Features 1) Login 2) Control Panel 3) Add records 4) Edit records 5) Delete records 6) Logout

Rating - 9.06/10 | Last Updated - 2008-08-26 | Report Error

PHP MySQL Table ManagerVisit Site
Description - The PHP/MySQL Table Manager is designed to simplify administration of a MySql web database. With it you can easily create, drop or rename tables. Alter tables structures by adding or dropping keys and indexes. Adding, removing or changing the properties of columns. Edit, add, search or delete table records.

Rating - 9.68/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

XPSQLVisit Site
Description - This class is used to allow developers to easily port their applications to different database platforms. All sql commands are stored in an XML file, which allows for SQL query abstraction, i.e. removing sql commands from your code. Simply put, you can change one variable in your code and your application now works with that database engine.

Rating - 10.00/10 | Last Updated - 2009-02-17 | Report Error

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