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PHP >> Content Management Scripts

SubdreamerVisit Site
Description - Powered by PHP and MySQL, Subdreamer provides the ability to create dynamic websites while giving full control over every section of the site. A powerful content management system with an amazing skin engine which provides users with unique and cool looking skins! Subdreamer comes with killer plugins such as the News System and Image Gallery. A Link Directory plugin to post all your links and even allow members/guests to add theirs! Guestbook, Chatterbox, Contact Form, and a lot more!

Rating - 7.90/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Agora SunriseVisit Site
Description - This CMS allows you to easily customize your site design, create complex website navigation and manage the site with multiple admins.

Rating - 5.86/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

Back-EndVisit Site
Description - Back-End allows even the non-technical to manage any website easily, through a web browser, on any operating system. Fast, flexible and easy to understand, Back-End puts you in charge of your site, saving your organization time and money in the process.

Rating - 3.73/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

bMachineVisit Site
Description - bMachine * The best and the simplest way to start blogging online! A Powerpacked, flat file based blogging/journal/article publishing system. boastMachine has features that no other software has! * Publish Articles/blogs/journals with just one click! * SUPPORTS both Flat Files and MySQL ! * Supports attachment with each article * Fully customizable using css and templates * Users can comment on articles * Create/Edit/Manage all posts from the single admin page * All the options can be disabled by Admin [Commenting,voting,Send to friend..] * Allow users to send articles to their friends! * Supports SMILIES! :) * The whole system consits of just 6 scripts!! i.e, it works FASTER than LIGHT!! * X articles / page feature * Powerful Search [ Search for Author, Articles, Titles ] * Generates printer friendly pages for printing * Voting/Rating feature! * Hide/Unhide articles from readers when necessary, without deleting them! * META tag support for search engine friendliness * FAST, POWERFUL BACKUP system. Dont fear losing your articles while doing a host change! * Use the backup system to easily convert your data between Flat File and MYSQL format! * Very secure. * and the BEST OF ALL, its FREE!!

Rating - 6.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-06 | Report Error

Comus ThumbsVisit Site
Description - Comus Thumbs is the leading Free Thumbnailing TGP Script used by Adult webmasters, and has everything you need to automate, manage and build high traffic adult sites. It is an auto site builder which tracks the surfer behaviour and then modifies itself in real time to push the most popular stuff and make your site more popular. It provides everything you could ever want to build a high traffic site, including CMS, thumbnailer, link manager, counters, website builders, gallery managers and much more.

Rating - 6.09/10 | Last Updated - 2008-09-18 | Report Error

Content InjectorVisit Site
Description - Content Injector is a complete content management system that dynamically injects content into pages whilst creating menu links (if the user requires them) to them.

Rating - 5.94/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

D++CMSVisit Site
Description - D++CMS is an open source web content management system by D++. With this system you can edit your website without any knowledge about HTML, ... D++CMS is a module based system. There are separate modules for editing pages, navigation, forms, etc. It is possible to implement only the modules that are needed, for easier handling.

Rating - 6.09/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

DEVVisit Site
Description - Dev is small, but powerful and very flexible content management system for web portals. System is licensed as freeware under the terms of GNU/GPL licence. Its absolutely free for non-commercial and commercial use.

Rating - 5.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

EasyDynamicPagesVisit Site
Description - EasyDynamicPages is a higly customizable full featured publish management tool written in PHP. It has an easy to use administration interface and stores all artlicle and user entries in a MySQL database.

Rating - 4.08/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

EgOVisit Site
Description - EgO is a very simple and easy to administrate CMS (Content Management System), designed to develop fast websites that can be from easy to hard complexity.

Rating - 5.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Expense Report SoftwareVisit Site
Description - Track and approve expenses for your workforce with free web-based expense report software. Users can log in and create expense reports and then add expense items. Admin user can then log in and approve items, or leave comments in the report. An email can be sent to the user when an expense item is approved or not approved. Easy to configure, add users, categories, and setup the email text all in the admin control panel. Uses PHP and MySQL.

Rating - 8.01/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-27 | Report Error

eZ publish CMSVisit Site
Description - eZ publish CMS includes point and click customization tools, finished solutions and design templates to get your professional web solution up and running in minutes. The finished solutions for corporate web site, web shop, news site, community website, personal website, gallery and intranet gives you an out of the box solution or a starting point for further development. You can easily share functionality from the different solutions or expand later with the possibilities of the CMF.

Rating - 2.50/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Free Content ManagementVisit Site
Description - A Content Management System designed with PHP and MySQL. Can be a complete stand-alone system, or easily integrates into your existing site with built-in file and image uploading. Database usage is limited in this Content Management System for maximum performance. Features include, complete web-based management, WYSIWYG page editor, user management, and ease of setup. Free Content Management is open-source and released under the GPL license.

Rating - 2.82/10 | Last Updated - 2008-09-23 | Report Error

Geek LogVisit Site
Description - Geeklog is a weblog powered by PHP and MySQL. It allows you within minutes to set up a fully functioning dynamic website, and has many features to get you started.

Rating - 2.50/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

GYOVisit Site
Description - This is the GYO system, which is a simple content management system developed by Babel Com Australia. GYO emphasises simplicity over functionality, and allows users to update their web sites using a simple web interface, without any knowledge of HTML. It has a simple two level menu structure, and a simple administrator/editor access system. It is very lean, mean, and fast.

Rating - 3.30/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Jetbox CMSVisit Site
Description - Jetbox CMS is seriously tested on usability & has a professional intuitive interface. Its role based, with workflow and module orientated. All content is fully separated form layout. It uses php & mysql.

Rating - 6.56/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Kazaam AutoPHP Publisher LiteVisit Site
Description - A content management system which allows you to create directories and upload files within the root program directory and create html documents on the fly without the need of FTP. Displays content on your home page in php. Flatfile database, no SQL required.

Rating - 6.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-16 | Report Error

MinervaVisit Site
Description - Minerva is a phpBB based portal solution. It provides an easy way to manage a community orientated website which includes news, forums, downloads, weblinks, photo albums and much more.

Rating - 7.14/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

myPHPnukeVisit Site
Description - myPHPNuke is an automated news system especially designed for use in Intranets and/or the Internet. Using a MySQL database core, MPN gives complete flexibility in both administrative and user options. By using a database, dynamic pages are constructed on the fly for a rich and interactive experience.

Rating - 3.33/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Open PHP NukeVisit Site
Description - OpenPHPNuke (OPN) is an Open Source Web Content Management System (WCMS) which will assist you in the creation, administration, and maintenance of contents for the internet or intranet. With OPN you can build your homepage, a web portal, and various other ideas for the internet.

Rating - 6.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Phase CMSVisit Site
Description - Phase is a fully featured Content Management System, built in PHP and using a MySQL database to store your sites data. Utilizing an intuitive user interface, Phase allows the people within your organisation to each do what they do best. Webmasters can administrate your site, whilst Marketeers and other content providers/ owners can manage their content without needing to have knowledge of HTML or other Internet Markup languages.

Rating - 6.67/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

PHP-NukeVisit Site
Description - PHP-Nuke is a news automated system specially designed to be used in Intranets and Internet. The Administrator has total control of his web site, registered users, and he will have in the hand a powerful assembly of tools to maintain an active and 100% interactive web site using databases.

Rating - 8.18/10 | Last Updated - 2008-10-14 | Report Error

phpblasterVisit Site
Description - phpblaster is a small but powerful and completely module based, portal system with focus on both, newbies and advanced users. You can easily add your themes into the themes folder and spot the places in your html code where you want to have the portals functionality. With some basic PHP skills you can do a lot of cool things with it because it is really open! phpblasters structure is similiar to portal systems like phpNUKE. This means that you could also easily port your phpNUKE modules to phpblaster and offer them to a wider audience.

Rating - 0.50/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

PhpPeanutsVisit Site
Description - PhpPeanuts is an open source Object Oriented Programming (OOP) framework for business applications in php. It dynamicly generates a fully functional web based user interface from application domain objects. This allows developers to get early customer feedback to clarify specifications and reduce project risk.

Rating - 0.50/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

phpwcmsVisit Site
Description - phpwcms is an open source web application using PHP, a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. All content except converted images and uploaded files are stored in a MySQL database, the worlds most popular open source database. It uses ImageMagick and GhostScript or PHPs GD1|2 capabilities for creating thumbnails and resizing images. ImageMagick is a collection of tools and libraries offered to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats while GhostScript is an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF. GD in phpwcms supports JPG, GIF and PNG as source image format only (often GIF is disabled by providers).

Rating - 6.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

PostNukeVisit Site
Description - Some may see PN as a weblog or content management system. But PN is more than that, PostNuke is a community, content, collaborative management system, a C3MS. Its your electronic toolbox, a set of tools allowing you to build a dynamically generated web site that five years ago would have cost thousands of dollars to launch.

Rating - 5.00/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

PowerPortalVisit Site
Description - PowerPortal is an advanced content management system powered by PHP & MySQL. PowerPortal comes preloaded with tons of add-ons including a tagboard, contact forms, poll, forums, private messaging, instant messaging, members list, links section, irc chat, ip banning, site stats, server stats, image gallery, and more. PowerPortal has a robust admin control panel that allows you to control all aspects of your site including theme, polls, advanced user logging and tracking, user management, user submissions, navigation, ip banning, news management, custom user groups, and much more! PowerPortal allows for custom user groups. This means that you can set privileges for each group including what content they can see and what user/admin modules they can access.

Rating - 8.18/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Presto WebVisit Site
Description - Presto Web provides a complete web site content management system. It is coded in PHP and doesnt need MYSQL. Easy, quick, and dynamic websites/ open source script.

Rating - 3.33/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

Renegade CMSVisit Site
Description - Renegade is an object orientated, modular content management system (CMS) that makes it extremely flexible, it can be used as a web-portal, a commercial or even a personal website. Modules can be installed by uploading the module to the module directory or by selecting the package from the package server located around the world.

Rating - 6.89/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

ScozNewsVisit Site
Description - Features commented news, simple WYSIWYG editor, secure admin authentication system, RSS news feed, news subscriptions, Search Feature, Archived News, Templates, Fully Featured Admin CP, Language Files, Auto Installer, edit CSS, smilie management, news ticker, and much more!

Rating - 7.38/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

SmE EditorVisit Site
Description - SMe Editor is a WYSIWYG editor for your website good tool for a any webmasters, you edit, browse, CHMOD, view, move, rename, copy, and create files/directories and mutch more system of templates for your create the pages

Rating - 3.33/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-11 | Report Error

SMe SiteVisit Site
Description - SMe Site is a easy Content management for your create and update your site! No database needed, all configuration online, simple setup, easy to chane design , powerful features and extremely easy to use.

Rating - 3.33/10 | Last Updated - 2009-01-11 | Report Error

TYPO3Visit Site
Description - TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules. Some of the features include WYSIWYG editing, automatic design preservation, automated image processing, more than 33 backend languages, multiple page editing, file and media management, and more!

Rating - 8.50/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

XOOPSVisit Site
Description - XOOPS is a program which, when installed on an Internet host with a PHP-capable web server (e.g., Apache) and a database (e.g., MySQL), allows administrators to easily create dynamic websites with great content and many features. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.

Rating - 7.57/10 | Last Updated - 2008-12-23 | Report Error

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